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People around the world have dreams of moving to the United States to grow their businesses, to improve their families’ lives, or to start a new life in the melting pot that is America. The immigration process, unfortunately, can prove to be a roadblock in achieving these goals.

Immigration law requires the knowledge and understanding of several complex rules and regulations and involves several governmental agencies. The E.A. Wood Law Firm can be your guide through the immigration maze. Our immigration attorneys based in New Bern provide compassionate and comprehensive representation to individuals, families, and businesses alike.

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The E.A. Wood Law Firm can work with you to reunite your family, change your immigration status, become an American citizen, or hire a foreign worker. We provide diligent, competent, and zealous representation to each client by being proactive, responsive, and accessible. You will have direct access to your attorney every step of the way. We are ready to answer questions or address concerns whenever they should arise.

Our firm assists individuals with:

Above all, our priority is to protect your American Dream. As we walk with you through the immigration process, you will find peace of mind knowing that you have a strong and determined advocate by your side. Whatever your goals may be, know that you are one step closer to achieving them by retaining The E.A. Wood Law Firm.

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Hear From Our Previous Clients

  • “Would you recommend the E.A.Wood Law Firm? Most definitely. These people are professionals and know their stuff. Very pleasant to talk with and understand people who may be a little anxious too.”

    - Silver Norma Josephine
  • “To Miss E. Wood and Staff, Wish to thank you for your professionalism, compassion, and support during this long process”

    - Client
  • I highly recommend them!!!

    “I loved our lawyer Isa and the professional and friendly staff who helped us through our green card process which was super fast and easy! I highly recommend them!!!”

    - Sanja S.
  • I couldn’t have done passing the interview for Citizenship without your assistance on my case.

    “I couldn’t have done passing the interview for Citizenship without your assistance on my case.”

    - Mykel C.
  • She made everything super easy and was always quick to respond to our questions, and just very helpful in general.

    “Wonderful law firm! Isa worked closely with us helping my husband become a resident, and he is now a US Citizen! She made everything super easy and was always quick to respond to our questions, and ...”

    - Carol-Anne T.

Real People, Real Results

  • Permanent Residence Card Obtained Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals to Lawful Permanent Resident to Citizenship

    One of our DACA clients later applied and received his lawful permanent residence card and just recently became a U.S. Citizen.

  • Extension of E2 Visa Approved Employment Visas

    A manufacturer in Eastern North Carolina needed help with one of their key employees from Germany. They required an extension of their E2 visa.

  • Removal Proceedings Terminated Removal Proceedings

    Judge agreed with our opinion and terminated her removal proceedings. This allowed us to apply for her lawful permanent residence card. We are happy to report that she received her card in January 2019.

  • Permanent Residence Card Obtained Violence Against Women Act

    We were able to assist him in getting his lawful permanent residence card and in 5 years he will be able to apply for citizenship.

  • Obtained Citizenship Naturalization

    We worked with the client to improve their reading and writing in English. After several months they were able to re-take the civics test and passed.